Aptean: A Comprehensive ERP approach Driving Manufacturing Processes

Aptean: A Comprehensive ERP approach Driving Manufacturing Processes

Kim Eaton, CEO, apteanKim Eaton, CEO
The sole purpose of an ERP platform is to help businesses address needs of specific processes by combining several traditional management functions into an integrated system to facilitate flow of information across an Industry. It aims at modeling and automating processes across an Industry over a centralized database. Founded in 2012, Aptean provides the Industry-level platform comprising efficient ERP solutions to help organizations paint a vivid picture about their assets and processes and efficiently manage the entire system. “Our ERP solutions are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise, bringing value to every functional area, from finance to customer service to management,” claims Kim Eaton, CEO, Aptean.

In the contemporary world, manufacturing companies have to deal with some upheaval challenges. Companies usually experience shorter cycle times for testing their products and shorter response time evolving with customer preferences due to tighter schedules. This in turn results in reduced efficiency and enhanced production cost leading to poor quality. There lies a dire need for those organizations to incorporate robust ERP solutions for streamlining all the processes in real-time to drive profits and customer services. The lack of insight and knowledge on the process layout usually is one of the prime reasons why, few companies despite having all the resources cannot effectively promote their products.

Aptean’s ERP platform encompasses services tailored to meet the surging requirements of the manufacturing industry. The Ross Supply Chain Planning offered by Aptean is an innovative solution built for formula-based manufacturers to help them enhance their business through optimization and forecasting methods. While the firm’s Intuitive ERP helps manufacturers of regulated industries by enhancing the visibility and quality of the process, their Made2Manage is custom-built to integrate shop-floor planning into the ERP system for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Our ERP solutions are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise, bringing value to every functional area, from finance to customer service to management

The firm’s AXIS ERP uses a common base of industry-specific information and business processes to specifically addresses the day-to-day challenges of metals, wire and cable manufacturers while Encompix ERP is specifically built for engineer-to-order and custom manufacturers to manage all aspects of complex projects.

PCB industry processes viz., engineering, quoting, and analysis can be run smoothly leveraging the advanced capabilities of Cimnet and DTR ERP provides comprehensive solutions to address the challenging issues in the plastic industry.

Aptean has been effectively providing efficient solutions to industries across many vertical. One of Aptean’s illustrious clientele Mission Pharmacal, has successfully leveraged their ERP platform to help themselves manage the manufacturing ecosystem. Mission Pharmacal were faced with a challenge to survive the pressure thwarted amidst escalated competition, not compromising on the operational efficiency. They also intended on creating more visibility into the entire process so they could customize at any instant to increase efficiency. To address these issues Mission Pharmacal incorporated Ross Systems as their primary ERP system as it specifically reflects on the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This helped the pharmaceutical firm streamline their operations, drive efficiencies and improve productivity, also helping them gain a competitive edge in the market. “The Ross ERP solution has enabled us to monitor and manage critical manufacturing processes for overall IT efficiencies, which is key to staying ahead of the competition,” said Max Martin, Chief operating Officer, Mission Pharmacal.

Aptean has been transforming the Manufacturing space for a while and plans to scale it to newer heights, focusing on the most trivial needs of their clients.