BC Systems: Dynamic Browser-Based ERP Solutions

BC Systems: Dynamic Browser-Based ERP Solutions

Not so long ago, a firm manufacturing architectural trim products was dependent on an old, customized ERP solution to meet their needs. However, it posed serious limitations on workflow and ability to support communication with customers and vendors. Their inventory control was problematic and order response time was very slow as compared to the business’ steady growth. “We were able to change this dramatically for them after inspecting their entire system,” informs Don Waters, President, BC Systems. The company implemented Priority— its flagship product in the firm’s system, which allowed rapid communications to relieve problems before becoming chronic, and delivered a 360-degree view of the enterprise to help management move from being reactive to proactive. With the goal to bring a high level of functionality down from the larger enterprises to SMB’s, BC Systems’ Priority Cloud ERP solution combines deep functionality to get the desired results.

After researching cloud-based ERP platforms for years to bring the right balance between security, redundancy, speed, flexibility, extensibility, and cost, BC Systems offers Priority with its various design features—underlying .NET structure combined with HTML5 user interface (UI) to optimize it for moving forward in the cloud, IoT, and Big Data. With an HTML5 user interface, the learning curve becomes low, and the ease-of-use very high. One reviewer testified that, “Priority delivers an intuitive and rich UI within a few hours of first using the system, enabling one to work across the entire system with ease”. This lower learning curves translate into higher user adoption rates and less intensive training to bring users up to speed and to a full level of productivity.

“Priority is not a me-to ERP System. It gives the user a very clean, uncluttered, and easy-to-migrate browser-based UI for fast navigation throughout all modules in the system,” asserts Waters. Users only need to drop their favorites in the middle of the screen, and they can get back to these favorites regardless of where they are working or what other screens is open. Recently BC Systems launched Priority V 17.3, which is an upgraded version.

Priority gives the user a very clean, uncluttered, and easy-to-migrate browser-based UI for fast navigation throughout all modules in the system

“It remembers where you last were and even what the last documents were that you edited. Getting back to previously used data has never been easier,” says Waters. Users also gain Business Process Management capability through Priority that is better than most other products available in the market. “We are always excited about integrating Priority with existing legacy applications and newer Cloud-based applications as well, since many of our clients have engineering tools and existing databases that are needed to integrate with Priority to function efficiently,” cites Waters. BC Systems leverages an Integration Platform as a Service called iConduct in combination with Priority to integrate with clients’ MAS, SAP, Oracle, Infor, and other ERP solutions and databases.

These approaches help BC Systems to maintain long-term relationships with clients. The company is moving quickly towards more cloud-based clients and is currently working on ways to reduce costs and at the same time enhance services by leveraging the larger user counts that come with cloud-based services. BC Systems is presently developing a ‘Quick Start’ implementation program for companies in a few given target verticals and micro-verticals that lend themselves to this program. “Our concentration on cloud to cloud and premise to cloud ERP integrations help us evolve our roadmap,” concludes Waters.