Global Shop Solutions: Providing One-System ERP Software to Simplify Manufacturing Needs

Global Shop Solutions: Providing One-System ERP Software to Simplify Manufacturing Needs

Dusty Alexander, President and CEO, Global Shop SolutionsDusty Alexander, President and CEO
Today, manufacturing companies face far greater challenges while implementing ERP solutions to their business processes in terms of scale or cost. A recent survey revealed 63 percent of manufacturing companies exceed their ERP budgets, while tending to experience much bigger overruns. Moreover, manufacturing tends to have a more complicated workflow. Manufacturers need to deal with not just software costs, but also other “hidden” costs like re-engineering, training, and integrating applications. The current scenario urges a need for a one-stop-shop solution which could alleviate and eradicate most of these issues. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, Global Shop Solutions ERP provides a unique manufacturing software that is the sole provider of One-System ERP Solutions. It enables manufacturers to be lean, agile, and cost conscious.

“Global Shop Solutions ERP software helps manufacturers slick their operations, improve sales, quality and ensure on-time delivery, while lowering costs,” says Dusty Alexander, President & CEO, Global Shop Solutions. The ERP software caters to each type of manufacturers from Make-to-Order (MTO), Assemble-to-order (ATO), Make-to-Stock (MTS), Assemble-to-Stock (ATS), Engineer-to-order (ETO), Mixed-mode or companies simply doing assembly or repair work. “Our One-System ERP Software provides comprehensive job costing scheduling and tracking with inventory, project, and quality management, CRM, and all other shop control aspects.”

Using their vast experience in handling manufacturing clients, Global Shop Solutions have devised a proven 4-step implementation process. Firstly, they provide extensive preparation and planning to create a custom implementation plan designed to specifications that identifies any technical issue. Subsequently, a flexible and agile data conversion procedure follows. Thereafter, thorough testing and training is over gone to ensure that everything is working properly. Finally, they provide hands-on supervision and support after activation of the new ERP software.

With its impressive result-oriented plan Global Shop Solutions has managed to transcend and better Automotive, Medical, Gear and Aerospace & Defense among other industries in manufacturing.

Global shop solutions ERP software helps manufacturers slick their operations, improve sales, quality and ensure on-time delivery, while lowering costs

The ERP software provides customized applications for electronic data interchange, global applications builder, CodeSoft label printing, process documentation and training (PDT) amongst many others. Alexander informs, “We provide our clients with a flexible, accurate, comprehensive, and fast ERP software built to anticipate, react and operate reliably in real-time.”

Numerous success-stories are testament to Global Shop Solution’s ingenuity in catering the manufacturing ERP space. But in their engagement with Eptam Plastics, a provider of multi-axis machining of high quality plastic parts, Global Shop Solutions was instrumental. Eptam Plastics, services a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, power generation, defense, and printing machinery. Being such a diversified manufacturing unit, they were under pressure to contain costs. Global Shop helped deliver Eptam Plastics a superior shop management system interlaced with their business operations which resulted in high quality shop-wide cost management. Global Shop allowed them to do more with the same number of people, achieving maximum efficiency by implementing smarter solutions.

“Global Shop not only provides its clients with a robust software package, but also provides one of the most comprehensive after-sales service and support conglomerations in the industry, “explains Alexander. Powered by amenities like FastTRAIN consulting, FastTRAIN instruction, FastTRAIN Virtual training, FastHELP and FastRESPOND, Global Shop aims to provide real-time operational support for its software and clients. “With Global Shop, clients not only get a state-of-the-art software package but also, get a business partner who is committed to their long-term success,” reiterates Alexander.