Infor: Leveraging ERP for Multifaceted Manufacturing

Infor: Leveraging ERP for Multifaceted Manufacturing

Isa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy, inforIsa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy
The proliferation of modern technologies like cloud and analytics, has been driving transformations in the way business operations are carried out in the manufacturing industry. “Cloud-enabled business softwares not only offer vast storage at cheaper prices, but also ensure easy retrieval of data,” says Lisa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy, Infor At such a juncture, ERP is the solution for manufacturers are looking for increased process agility. New York based Infor has devised industry-specific ERP solutions that are simple, transparent and engineered for the cloud. “Infor provides flexible ERP deployment options that give manufacturers a choice to run their plant related processes in the cloud, on-premise, or both,” says Lisa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy, Infor.

Infor’s Manufacturing ERP is a purpose-built solution suite that manages the complete manufacturing operation, from financials and scheduling to shop floor management, quality control, and analytics. With support for multiple manufacturing strategies, including Engineer to Order, Configure to Order, Make to Stock and more, manufactures improve process efficiency, more accurately manage cost position, better meet customer expectations, and accelerate growth. “The firms will have visibility across the global supply chain, and system-wide transparency for all key stakeholdersfrom suppliers to customers,” remarks Lisa. Also, the company’s ERP helps to course an entire business on a single platform and serves flexibility in business operations by providing control across all work functions.

“We empower the client’s processes, from front office to back office to mission critical core functions, in the cloud,” says Lisa. “It streamlines operations and helps gain company-wide visibility.” Infor’s ERP solutions offers multiple managing features like service, lean, quality, finance or process management. With the ERP solutions, Infor enables companies to get data driven information from every individual business function irrespective of time and location.

We power entire industries in the cloud by providing industry-specific processes, from front office to back office to mission critical core functions

Infor’s solutions easily integrate into client’s existing systems and procures the data carried over network to a single database, providing a holistic view over the entire manufacturing processes. Moreover, Infor modifies the micro-vertical functionalities of business operation by eradicating the basics of costly customization as well.

Since Inception, Infor has a culture attuned to anticipate and understand their client’s needs. In one instance, one of their client, Polisport Plasticos was struggling to enhance profits in international markets whilst delivering satisfactory products to the distributors. Polisport didn’t have the ability of making business decisions for inventory or production levels as the precise visibility into the sales and other business processes was not in their work features. To manage the issue, Polisport chose Infor M3 and deployed it in the cloud. Infor M3 directly connected the company’s sales orders to the purchase of raw materials, inventory work process, production and product delivery. Pedro Araujo, CEO of Polisport Plasticos, says, “Infor M3 with its centralized ERP, provides the information about the business and helps to make tactical and strategic decisions that brings success and growth of Polisport.” . Later on, Polisport Plasticos was able to get real-time information sharing across the company and cost-saving cloud solution advantages.

Moving forward, Infor aims to incorporate the new CloudSuite, more micro-verticalized for equipment, facility, clinical bridge and healthcare. “Infor will continue to focus on delivering applications for our customer base, and inculcate innovative features to the products along the way,” concludes Lisa.