IQMS: A Comprehensive, Manufacturing-Specific ERP Solution

CIO VendorSteve Bieszczat, CMO
On-shore component manufacturing is a growing trend for North American companies. Organizations that might have outsourced the manufacture of parts to Asia to gain cost advantages over the relatively high North American labor costs are now making those parts on shore. Increasingly, North American manufacturers are turning to shop floor automation to control higher labor costs and streamline the manufacturing process.

“This industry growth has brought with it a new set of challenges in terms of delivering products while maintaining a consistent level of quality and minimizing resource cost," says Steve Bieszczat, CMO at IQMS. Offering a holistic platform to combat these challenges in the manufacturing vertical is IQMS, a provider of manufacturing ERP software for the repetitive, process, and discrete manufacturing industries.

The company’s flagship platform, EnterpriseIQ, is a unified ERP solution that includes CRM, WMS, quality management, EDI, financial management, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and supply chain management. The system is designed as a single source solution on one central database, ensuring that any data change made in the system gets reflected throughout the software in real-time, resulting in accurate and reliable records.

Through our shop floor control modules, our clients can track every individual component that is manufactured in their plants,” states Bieszczat. The software records and monitors data continuously and can alert administrators to adjust manufacturing processes if a part is trending out of specification. The versatile platform makes plant floor more efficient, meaning fewer employees are required to run a cluster of work centers, and can be leveraged by clients in diverse verticals.

“Because the software is designed on a singular platform, IQMS customers do not have to struggle with integration challenges. Our system requires less data entry, has fewer human entry errors and provides a single version of the truth across your entire organization.”

Because the software is designed on a singular platform, iqms users do not have to struggle with integration challenges. our system requires less data entry, has fewer human entry errors and provides a single version of the truth across your entire organization

Employing a modular approach, the ERP software can be customized to suit specific industry needs as well. "Our solution has numerous native packages included with it. CRM, Human Capital Management (HCM), Business Intelligence (BI), utilities, and Quality Assurance (QA) are some of the modules that have helped users in simplifying their operations," says Bieszczat.

With its simplified solution and modular yet intuitive software design, IQMS' EnterpriseIQ platform has been able to grow in reputation in the market and has helped numerous clients in making efficient use of their resources.

One such client is Tessy Plastics Corporation. With an estimated 20 million individual parts produced a day at its 24/7 plants, the company was facing issues to maintain its quality and resource management and needed a process to simplify operations. Tessy Plastics approached IQMS to help them verify component data and reduce assembly errors. With IQMS' help, Tessy can confirm that the correct components are being used as specified every time. In addition, the IQMS technology placed in key areas along the assembly automation line verifies that the components are produced without defects. These improvements save Tessy Plastics between $1.2 and $2.5 million annually.

For the future, IQMS intends to continue developing solutions to meet the needs of discrete and batch process manufacturers. “Our clients require quality products and timely delivery. We aim to facilitate that and increase their profit margins through our product suite," concludes Bieszczat.