ProcessPro: The Specialists in Process Manufacturing ERP Solutions

ProcessPro: The Specialists in Process Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Joe Blauert, CEO, processproJoe Blauert, CEO
Mid-market manufacturers are transforming themselves into business process-driven enterprises by employing business specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, to manage their manufacturing operations. Intelligent ERP software, designed specifically for process manufacturers, can help deliver an incredibly elegant solution that helps keep up with business information through express implementation and continual support. “Increasing globalization and compliance demand on mid-market process manufacturers are driving to invest in a modern ERP solution designed specifically for their business,” says Joe Blauert, ProcessPro CEO. ProcessPro offers mid-market ERP software solution, devised exclusively for the process manufacturing industry.

ProcessPro combines all facets of plant operations which include manufacturing, planning and execution, inventory, quality assurance, financials, compliance, and sales. The solution provides its clients with a comprehensive view of their processes and equips them with the capabilities to store and share critical data using one database. ProcessPro Premier is an ERP solution built exclusively for process manufacturing, which ensures reliability, consistency and stability. Premier uses an intuitive interface the Business Intelligence (BI) Suite, which analyzes, recovers, and shares important business information across departments. The BI Suite categorizes relevant data which enables the management to be better-informed, and undertake timelier, smarter, business decisions. Furthermore, BI renders tables, field names, screen prompts which offers an intuitive way of visualizing and interpreting data. All these advantages facilitates users not only with data management but also with production supervision.

Process manufacturers use complex recipes and formulas to create items in batches. As a remedy, ProcessPro equips manufacturers with a simplified and secure storage for complex formulas, contingencies for batch consistency, by-product creation and management, and quality control (QC) monitoring and reporting. It addresses quality and safety concerns, providing an audit trail, electronic signatures, and backward and forward lot traceability, should a contamination event occur and a recall be initiated. ProcessPro also provides forecasting and demand management features that help manufacturers maintain healthy inventory levels.

ProcessPro provides its clients with a comprehensive view of their processes and equips them with the capabilities to store and share critical data using one database

Inventory management is a serious challenge for many process manufacturers and is the core of day-to-day operations. Manual methods of inventory tracking may not provide an accurate picture of what is on hand, and firms can be caught off guard when customers demand dramatically change. Premier comes with an Automated Warehouse Solution (AWS) which enhances efficiency and improves data accuracy of purchase transactions while providing real-time inventory management data. AWS monitors inventory levels with great accuracy and tracks down product line information. It also provides an automated storage and retrieval system to improve productivity in organizations.

Many organizations have been benefitted by ProcessPro’s ERP solutions regarding their mission critical business functions in various process manufacturing industries. Illinois based BRANDT, a leading agricultural and medical company, was in look out for a solution which will provide them with the abilities to manage their accounting and financial information.

Their need was to provide real-time and accurate inventory and production information. ProcessPro Premier’s Inventory Control application simplified the inventory process by automatically tracking balances and lot numbers in real-time. The solution offered a complete billing and accounts receivable system and the ability to create checks, track credits, and discounts enabling BRANDT to effectively manage its business expenses.

ProcessPro develops ERP solutions specifically for the needs of the mid-market sector. With over 30 years of experience and insights in process manufacturing ProcessPro has become a major mid-market ERP solutions industry. ProcessPro constantly strives to provide the maximum benefits to its customers, helping them streamline their business operations and enabling further growth.