Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Solutions Providers-2016
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Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Solutions Providers-2016

It is impossible to grow to become a large manufacturer without using ERP to keep track of the operations. Manufacturing ERP must account for and manage the actual production processes and materials on the factory floor. Modern ERP solutions for manufacturing are becoming more focused in order to address industry-specific manufacturing issues right out of the box. With features being offered by vendors such as supply chain management, lean and mixed mode manufacturing, and advanced planning and scheduling, benefits that include reduced operating and labor costs, improved interaction with suppliers, faster lead-time, more efficient inventorying, greater data reliability, and higher productivity are guaranteed.

The manufacturing ERP domain is also being infiltrated by various trends such as the cloud, IoT, Mobility, Robotics, 3D printing and Analytics. Cloud-based ERP in particular is growing 10-plus times as fast as on-premise ERP and currently accounts for up to 27 percent of annual manufacturing IT budgets. The primary benefit of deploying ERP in the cloud is that it saves companies the time and cost of administering their ERP themselves on premise. The market is reacting to this as a transition is being witnessed from selling licenses to on-premise customers to selling cloud-based solutions, which include more social and mobile computing capabilities.

There are dozens of companies to choose from in the manufacturing ERP software market. Manufacturing Technology Insights at this point, presents to you 10 of the top Manufacturing ERP Solution providers who are at the forefront of creating a paradigm shift in the arena.

    Top Startups

  • AGR


    Cutting-edge technology to solve the most complex business challenges across multiple industries

  • Specializes in browser-based ERP solutions and progressive technology consulting

  • An ERP solution provider that assists SMEs to run their business with remarkable efficiency and accuracy

  • SYSPRO is a global provider of industry-built ERP software for manufacturers and distributors that aids the manufacturing industry in managing every facet of operations

  • Epicor Software Corporation

    Epicor Software Corporation

    Provides a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables manufacturers to plan, schedule, execute and monitor the entire manufacturing business

  • Exact


    Offers the power of integrated ERP for maufacturers

  • Global Shop Solutions

    Global Shop Solutions

    A provider of the One-System ERP Software designed to make lean manufacturing a reality

  • IFS


    Provides enterprise software for ERP to bring customers in targeted sectors closer to their business and helps them be more agile

  • IQMS


    Offers Manufacturing Software and ERP Software systems for repetitive, process and discrete manufacturing industries

  • Rootstock Software

    Rootstock Software

    Provides Cloud ERP manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions that enable manufacturers and distributors to cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue